Choose Your Quilting Pattern


  • I use Anne Bright Edge-to-Edge Longarm Designs.  (see link below for her site)

  • We can look at my pattern book together when we meet,

  • I can choose one for you.  You may wish to streamline the choice process by allowing me to view the quilt and then sending you choices over messenger, text or email.  I vow to search until we find one that is to your liking.  

  • Customers and I form a partnership which develops over time.  This saves time on both parts. 

  • Choosing just the right pattern is the last important choice. 

Click here to visit Anne Bright's site!


Browse her website and choose a few patterns that you like, so I know which direction you would like to go with your quilt. Let me know the names of those patterns, and I will use your favorite to beautifully complement your quilt!


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