Pricing for Quilting

Standard Fees:

  • Penny and a half ($0.015) per square inch for edge to edge quilting, no matter what pattern you choose. 

  • Quilts have a $10 setup fee for your color choice of Glide top thread on the entire quilt and the bobbins needed to complete the quilt.   I wind all my own bobbins matching the fabrics.

  • Small projects have a minimum charge of $35 (table runners, wall hangings, place mats, small quilts, etc). 

​Optional Fees:

  • I will trim the quilt for $5. Let me know if you want to trim yourself otherwise I will trim, and return all scraps with the quilt. I do not keep any of your supplies, trimmings etc.
  • I charge .10 cents per inch to make and sew the binding on top side of quilt (max $35 per quilt). Send in your binding fabric or buy it from me.
  • I charge $5 per seam to sew customer-provided backing fabrics together when not using a wide back.  I have wide backs on hand, over 50 bolts - most are $10. some have already increased to $12. per yard. Thanks pandemic!
  •  Anne Bright patterns are included in per inch fees.

Additional Labor Fees:

  • Customer-provided backing fabrics that are unique (sheets, denim, flannel, panels, minky and woven fabrics, or pieced backs) require additional labor to align and to keep seams straight and square with quilt top. A $5-15 fee is charged depending on time required and size of quilt.

  • Quilt tops that contain cross stitch, appliqué, shirts, vintage fabrics, etc., require additional attention to quilt and therefore a $5-$10 fee is charged depending on labor hours.

  • When I find necessary repairs in quilt tops (a seam is found open, a border is too wavy, etc.), I will always repair it. Both the customer and I want the quilt to withstand the test of time and to be proud of the project. After a call to customer, a $5-15 charge will be made.

  • If the back provided is too narrow for the quilt top, I will call you to discuss what to do.

  • Remove selvages from 45" fabrics sewn together to make a wideback because it will shrink and ruin your quilt.  Time depending, I will remove it for you when I see you forgot. $5 chg.   


Available Supplies

  • Hobbs Batting 80/20 in bright white, black, and natural, and 100% white cotton on the bolt in 96", 108" & 120"

  • Dream Batting 100% Cotton Select in bright white or 70/30 in natural, on the bolt

  • Wide backing fabrics (50 bolts on site) in many colors, tone on tone and patterns, on the bolt. I will text you pictures of what is available in your color theme so you can choose. $10-$13 per yard

  • 45" wide fabric: bright white cotton on the bolt, various colors and patterns for creating quilts and binding. $9-12 per yard

  • All the above is sold by the inch so that customer pays for only what they need.