I like to be straightforward when it comes to pricing. See below the pricing structure below for most quilts. Special quilts may incur additional costs. 


  • Penny and a half ($0.015) per square inch for edge to edge quilting, no matter what pattern you choose.  No Custom quilting is available at this time.  Larger quilts require more bobbins.

  • For small wall hangings - Minimum charge is $35 (table runners, wall hangings, place mats, small quilts, etc.) Multiple small projects? I will discount setup fees. 3 or more given at same time.

  • ALL $10 setup and includes first bobbin.   $8 per bobbin when denser patterns are selected or queen/king quilts use more bobbins.

  • Optional TRIM charge of $5-$10 (size) if you would like me to trim your quilt  - not a mandatory charge. Please place a note on your quilt, otherwise I will trim it and charge invoice.

  • Optional Binding -  I charge $0.13 per inch to sew the binding on top side only. (Max $45.)  per quilt. Send in your binding or the fabric you want to use.  I will make the binding and attach to quilt, same price.


  • Backing fabrics provided by customer are: - denim, flannel, minky & woven fabrics or others like ie: (panels/2 sided quilts/more than 3 seams on the backing provided) because that fabric requires additional labor to align & keep seams straight with quilt top, therefore a $10-$25 fee is charged. Depending on time & size of the quilt owner reserves the right to reject fabric if it or the batt provided could damage the quilting machine.  

    • If the back provided is too narrow for the quilt top, a scrap must be sewn to make it wider, a $10.00 fee per seam is charged. Please be sure your back is 8-10 wider than your top on 2 sides. or 4-5 wider on all 4 sides. 

    • $10 per seam if you would like me to sew your backing pieces together, when not using a wide back.

  •  Sew/finish/repairs to a project by hand or domestic machine.  $30 per hour for labor. 

  • Ironing your top $5-$25 depending on size and time when needed. I can tell if you tried, didn't, I will do it.

  • Quilt Tops that contain - Cross Stitch / Applique / T-shirts / Vintage -  Quilt tops require additional attention and labor, ie: raising sewing foot, monitoring sewing foot for hang ups, altering computer sewing pattern, inspecting and repairs to open seams.  therefore $10 and up to $25. fee per quilt is charged. Depends on size of quilt time used to quilt it..  

  • Make a quilt for me using  -  T-shirts, vintage quilt blocks, panel etc. is my side hustle when quilting is slow.  Not a 7 day turnaround! Priced by the project.



    • Batting by Hobbs or MDG brands.  80/20 in bright white and natural colors 96" - 99"

    • Batting by Dream brand available is 100% Cotton in bright white or 70/30 in natural call for prices.  

    • Wide backing fabric is available in many colors, tone on tone and patterns, on the bolt $9-$11. per yard.  Will text pics of colors/patterns available if interested.

    • 45" wide fabric yardage - bright white cotton, limited various colors, patterns for creating quilts and binding. $8-$18 depends on your selections. I usually pay retail for these fabrics so I can't sell for less.


FREE Pickup/Delivery -  On Thursday, I meet customers to hand off projects at Ragtime Fabrics in Harrisonburg, Virginia, at 11:15 a.m. and at Patchwork Plus in Dayton, Virginia, at 3:00 p.m.


FREE Pickup/Delivery - on most Monday's,  in Elkins, WV at 10:00 a.m. by appointment. Call me.

Here are sample cost estimates based on $0.015 per square inch for edge-to-edge quilting:

Baby - 36" x 52" = about $40 to quilt 

Twin XL - 63" x 92" = about $100 to quilt 

Queen - 84" x 92" = about $140 to quilt 

King- 102" x 92" = about $170 to quilt 

California King- 96" x 96' = about $175 to quilt 

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