I like to be straightforward when it comes to pricing. 


  • Penny and a half ($0.015) per square inch for edge to edge quilting, no matter what pattern you choose.  No Custom quilting is available at this time.  Larger quilts require more bobbins.  Absolutely NO CUSTOM Quilting! No separate borders, only edge to edge is offered by Snowbird Quilts.

  • For small wall hangings - Minimum charge is $35 (table runners, wall hangings, place mats, small quilts, etc.) 

  • ALL $10 setup and includes glide top thread (any color) first bobbin.   $8 per bobbin when denser patterns are selected and for queen/king quilts. Bigger quilts require more bobbins. Top thread is included in setup fee for entire project.


  • Optional TRIM charge of $5-$10 (size) if you would like me to trim your quilt  - not a mandatory charge. Please place a note on your quilt, otherwise I will trim it and charge invoice.

  • Optional Binding -  I charge $0.13 per inch to make and sew the binding on top side only. (Max $45.)  per quilt. Send in your the binding fabric you want used.   
  • Shipping - Free on qualifying orders of $350.00 or more, plus batting purchase.  Life Goal!=all quilting will be shipped.


  • Backing fabrics provided by customer that are: - denim, flannel, minky & woven fabrics or others like ie: (panels/2 sided quilts/more than 3 seams on the backing provided) because that fabric requires additional labor to align & keep seams straight with quilt top, therefore a $10-$25 fee is charged. Depending on time & size of the quilt.

    • If the back provided is too narrow for the quilt top, a scrap must be sewn to make it wider, a $10.00 fee is charged. Please be sure your back fabric is 8-12 wider than your top on 2 sides. or 5-6 wider on all 4 sides.  The sides being the most important. 

    • $10 per seam if you would like me to sew your backing pieces together, when not using a wide back.

  •  Sew/finish/repairs to a project by hand or domestic machine.  $30 per hour labor charges.

  • Generally no charge for ironing.  Most severe cases Ironing top $5-$25 depending on size.

  • Quilt Tops that contain - Cross Stitch / Applique / T-shirts / Vintage -  Quilt tops require additional attention and labor, ie: raising sewing foot, monitoring sewing foot for hang ups, altering computer sewing pattern, inspecting and repairs to open seams.  therefore $10 and up to $25. fee per quilt is charged.  

  • Make a quilt for me using  -  T-shirts, vintage quilt blocks, panels etc. $25. per shirt, $25 per block plus materials, plus quilting costs,  is my side hustle when longarm quilting is slow.   Pricing varies.  



    • Batting on roll,  Hobbs  80/20 in bright white, black and natural.

    • Batting on roll.  Dream  100% Cotton Select in bright white or 70/30 in natural.  

    • Wide backing fabrics available in many colors, tone on tone and patterns, on the bolt $10. per yard.  Will text pics of colors/patterns available so you can choose.

    • 45" wide fabric yardage - bright white cotton on the bolt, limited various colors, patterns for creating quilts and binding. $\9-$12 per yard.


FREE Pickup/Delivery -  On Thursday, I meet customers to hand off projects at Ragtime Fabrics in Harrisonburg, Virginia, at 11:15 a.m. and at Patchwork Plus in Dayton, Virginia, at 3:00 p.m. New - First Time customers please print out order forms including General Liability Release Waiver, first time only. 


FREE Pickup/Delivery - on most Monday's,  in Elkins, WV at 10:00 a.m. by appointment, Call me.

FREE return shipping on qualifying orders of $350. plus batt purchase. Others will be shipped using USPS flat rate shipping boxes. All orders will have tracking and insurance.  

Here are sample cost estimates based on $0.015 per square inch for edge-to-edge quilting:

Baby - 36" x 52" = about $40 to quilt 

Twin XL - 63" x 92" = about $100 to quilt 

Queen - 84" x 92" = about $140 to quilt 

King- 102" x 92" = about $170 to quilt 

California King- 96" x 96' = about $175 to quilt 

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