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Choose Your Quilting Pattern


I use Anne Bright's Edge-to-Edge Longarm Designs (also called B2B). Browse her website and choose a few patterns, then list them on the order form. We can also look at my pattern book together when we meet. 


If you'd rather me choose for you, I can send you several pattern choices via text to pick from. I am always open to FaceTime with you to help pick the perfect pattern!

Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 12.02.43 PM.png

Click here to visit Anne Bright's site! 

I do not do custom quilting or separate patterns on borders. 

Ask Me About Custom Stitching Patterns!

Not finding what you're looking for online, or wanting a stitching pattern that is completely unique to your project? I work with artists who are able to create 100% custom stitching patterns to use on your quilt. Contact me early on in the process, and we can design the perfect pattern for you!

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