Custom T-Shirt & Specialty Quilts

I am also a quilter myself, and I frequently make t-shirt, panel, and block quilts for my customers when I have time to step away from longarm quilting. Pricing varies on a case by case basis, but I generally charge $30 per hour for labor, along with costs for materials. Below are just a few of my creations.

Vintage Quilt Repair

Have you found an old quilt top hiding in a family attic? How about pieces of a quilt that grandma never quite finished? I can turn those "almost" quilts of the past into something beautiful today. Whether it's a tied quilt that needs quilted or an old top that needs refurbished, I will work with you to make sure your vintage tops become quilts at last. I can also requilt worn pieces that need a new batting and backing.

Browse some vintage and antique quilts that I have created below:

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