Project Preparation
Before I can work on your project, there's a couple of things you'll need to do:

  • Make sure your backing fabric is 4" wider on each side and 3" wider on the top and bottom. For instance, if your top is 80" x 80", your backing fabric needs to be at least 88" x 86".

  • Clip loose threads from the back of the top of your pieced quilt top.  No one likes veins.

  • Press your quilt top and backing fabric. Pin a note to the top of your quilt. Is it directional?

  • Choose your pattern and make sure to let me know your preference. I can also choose for you. 

  • Fill out the order form. Print the form and the liability release that is linked on the form. ​You only need to fill out the liability release once. as it does not expire. Please fill them out and give to me first quilt is most important, second quilt we can proceed with your notes included with quilt top.

  • Questions? Just contact me! text 304-940-2088 for fast response times. Don't forget to let me know any special instructions or services you'd like for your quilt.

Meeting & Shipping Directions


  • I offer free return shipping on orders that include a batting purchase. All orders will have tracking and insurance. Send your project in a box with the order form and liability release. Use the USPS Priority Mail. When your shipping from West Coast. sometimes flat rate boxes are less expensive. I use plain brown boxes for East Coast customers, its cheaper! I will text you when package arrives.​ I limit return shipping to $15. to east coast / mid-Atlantic region charges, when customers are farther away I will credit the east coast mail rates and only bill for additional, usually that is a $15.   It is fair as mailing rate have skyrocketed and yet, still gets the quilt back fast and affordable.  Sorry this shipping has to be specific, I learned a lesson when I had to ship to west cost and it costs over $50.  I know you understand I can't cover those costs for free. 


Mail your project to:

Teresa Yonce
Snowbird Quilts

476 Meadow Lane

Seneca Rocks, WV 26884